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10 Metrics That Every Multifamily Real Estate Investor Needs to Know

In the below, we’ll delve into the top 10 metrics that all real estate investors should understand before investing a single penny in a deal. These are the metrics that we believe, once understood, best inform an investor’s decision to pull the trigger or not. 1. Cash-on-Cash Return (c-o-c) Cash-flow divided by cash invested. This…..

What Is A Syndication?

What Is A Syndication? “Helping Our Investors Reach Their Financial Goals Through Passive Real Estate Investing” -Maple Capital Partners Mission Statement At Maple Capital Partners, we take our mission statement very seriously. We aim to help investors understand how they can use passive real estate investing as a crucial part of their overall portfolio. We…..

People Are A Movin’: How COVID-19 Has Impacted US Migration and Housing Patterns

 As investors in multifamily real estate assets, migration patterns matter to us. Where the population is moving is one of the most important factors we look at in choosing markets in which to invest. Sidenote: for the other factors we look at when choosing markets, check out a piece we put out on this very…..

Top 30 FREE Resources For Selecting the Best Real Estate Markets

We’ve arranged the following resources into the categories/factors that we’ve found to be the best determinants of the strength of a particular market. While there are many other factors and even sources of this information, these are the links that we’ve found most useful through our own research. Places to Get Started The below 3…..

The Long-run Effects of COVID-19 on Commercial Real Estate Investment

Suburbanization As anyone who has recently looked at a house in New York city’s suburbs can tell you, sales activity, a shortage of available listings, and competitive bidding have all increased substantially in the past few months. Not surprisingly, single-family home prices have shot up: a clear beneficiary of COVID-19’s shelter-in-place restrictions. Being that most…..

Top 10 Reason Why We Prefer Commercial Multifamily to Residential (1-4 Units) Real Estate Investment

Reason #1: In residential (1-4 units), vacancy is a returns killer. Reason #2: Commercial multifamily holds up well in recessions. Reason #3: Operating expenses are typically lower/unit in CMFR Reason #4: Economies of scale make CMFR more passive-like investments Reason #5: CMFR value is more within your control than Residential value Reason #6: Attractive financing…..

Why Investing Out of State Is The Smartest Move You As An Investor Can Make

1. Forces you to treat the property as a business In real estate valuation, there’s a term called “highest and best use” which refers to a property/building’s most optimal use given its characteristics and location. As an investor, we apply that same concept to your time. An investor’s time should be focused on what they…..